A Match Made in Heaven: Pizza & Beer

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.” –Dave Barry

Never have truer words been spoken. Few foods are as frequently paired with a single drink as pizza is with beer.  However, when you are no longer arguing with your frat brother over who paid for the last $5 pizza from Domino’s or whose turn it is to grab another case of Bud Light, it’s time to start pairing nicer pizzas with nicer beers.

The primary consideration when pairing pizza and beer is that the beer you are drinking should not overpower the flavor of the pizza and vice versa, particularly as both pizza and beer have started to include more complex ingredients and flavors.  If you enjoy a spicy pizza, consider drinking an IPA, as this will enhance that spice; or you can enjoy a cold brown ale, in which the sweetness will counter the spicy food.

When pairing beer (or wine) with food, don’t hesitate to contact your local liquor store for some suggestions or refer to some online guides such as this article from Delish.com, which provides recipes for new style pizzas and notes which beers pair best with each.  Of course, you can also check out articles on the subject by experts like Kevin Gray.

But no matter what, with the range of beers and pizzas out there these days, there should be something for everyone.


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One Response to “A Match Made in Heaven: Pizza & Beer”

  1. Deano Says:

    “you can also check out articles on the subject by experts like Kevin Gray”

    Having the honor of drinking many a beer and consuming many a pizza with Kevin Gray I would have to confirm his status as an expert. Truly a gentleman and a scholar of all things in good food and drink.

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